The Language of Human Character — for adults, parents and youth 12 and up!



The best of things you can know — Human character from A to Z!!!  Where you can personally test and verify the true meaning and value of every human character reality humankind can portray or live.

The Language of Human Character is a reference book, textbook and workbook in one.  It contains "The Human Character Dictionary," with more than 27,000 definitions of virtues, vices and other human characteristics that represent the character fruits of all human thoughts, beliefs and values. 

This book is for those of enlightened reason who desire to safely examine vice to better understand and build virtue.  It will help you Know what's best!™






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Additional Information about This Book

●  Completion Time for Research, Writing and Publication:  28 years 9 months

●  Introduced:  Book Expo America "New Title Showcase," New York City.

●  Hardcover Specifications:  Color Interior; 6.69 x 9.61 in or 244 x 170 mm Case Laminate; Page Count: 1,200; ISBN Complete: 978-0-9839215-5-4; ISBN/SKU: 0983921555

●  The Challenge of The Human Character Dictionary found in this book:  Your disagreement with a particular definition of a human characteristic in this book's dictionary supposes there is error or room for improvement within that definition.  Your disagreement implies you are prepared to correct that error or to make that improvement.  Chapter Ten in this book challenges you to complete the ten steps provided to make corrections and improvements to this book and its definitions.  Until you have honorably completed the ten steps of this challenge, it will remain incumbent upon you to accept this book and its definitions as true and to think, speak, and act in harmony with them as they are.  Take up the Challenge!

●  Personal Testing Tools:  To personally test dictionary definitions use the two validation tests and two verification tests in Chapter Five.  Use also the first two practical tests and the remaining eight steps in Chapter Ten for overall testing and improvement.

●  Scientific Testing:  To scientifically test the numeric integrity and the numeric symmetry of opposites within the language of human character use the testing criteria found in Chapter Six.

●  Dictionary Definitions:     Click here for some sample definitions

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Why This Book

Those who consistently strive to better understand, do, be and teach what is truly virtuous can powerfully rise in unison above the world’s predatory forces of darkness, vice, corruption, bondage, despair, turmoil and misery.  This book will help you and your loved ones rise with them!  Know what's best!


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