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 M. Gregg Fager 

Greetings!  And Welcome!  What is the story behind my 34 years of work on the languages of human character and human virtue (1984-2018)?  And how can you, your family and society greatly benefit from mastering the content of the three books that have come from my work? 

The answers to these questions are given by my late friend Dr. Richard G. Wilkins (1952-2012) in his "Foreword" to my trilogy, found in the book To Be Virtuous, Second Edition.  That book will help you and your children better discern and choose truth and virtue for yourselves.  When they can read, give them their own copy.

When they can reason, they will be ready for their own copy of The Language of Human Virtue.  This will prepare them for The Language of Human Character when the time comes.  The path of wisdom will eventually take them and you in reverse order back to the first book.

My many setbacks have helped me avoid taking myself too seriously.  I have, however, taken my work on human characteristics very seriously.  Human character is the course of study I wish I could have undertaken in college.  Why it was not / is not offered I do not know.

For each of us, developing the best possible character will be our crowning achievement in life.    Human virtue is the curriculum my wife and I came to realize our family needed and will need the most.  We hope your posterity and ours will use it to become the best people they can be.

That being said, you may be wondering about my expertise.  You may want to know what my qualifications are to undertake such a work.  So I have provided the following brief summary of my credentials.  Like many of you, my ongoing preparations continue to help me in my unfolding work.



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This article was also published in:  Sabulis, Tom (tsabulis).  "Compromise on Religious Freedom Act?" Atlanta Forward.  Atlanta Journal-Constitution.  Blog.  3 April 2014.  Web.

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Fager, M. Gregg.  "State Judicial Discipline and the Utah System."  Judicial Administration.  Provo, Utah:  J. Reuben Clark Law School, 1982.  Print.

This article examines holding state judges accountable for judicial misconduct in the United States, and Utah's system for administering relief from such misconduct.  The Hon. J. Clifford Wallace compiled this and other articles into Judicial Administration as a visiting professor at the Law School. The Howard W. Hunter Law Library call number for this publication is KF, 8700, A75, .T37, 1982.



The Language of Human Character (2013)  --  Know what’s best!

The Language of Human Virtue (2012)  --  Do what’s best!

To Be Virtuous, 2nd Edition (2012)  --  Be what’s best!

To Be Virtuous (2010)

MissionPrep FOR AGES 5 AND UP, 2nd Edition (1996)

MissionPrep FOR AGES 5 AND UP (1994)

New Human Character Dictionary and Workbook (1988)



Such organizations as Boy Scouts of America; The Dow Chemical Company; InterJurService Ltd.; International Trade Administration, U.S. Department of Commerce; The Leavitt Institute; United States Army Europe; Utah National Guard; Vegas Lex; Welfare Services Department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints



Author / Publisher on the languages of human character and human virtue (1984 - present)

Co-founder / Managing Member / CEO, Human Progress L.C. (1994 - present)

Business Entities and Transactions Attorney / Consultant (1986 - 2006)

Private Sector Business Manager / Executive (1984 - 2004)

College Educator / Instructor (1978 - 1988)

Army Officer / Commander (1974 - 1980)

Public Service Volunteer (1962 - present)

Years here denote full-time or part-time involvement. 



J.D., J. Reuben Clark Law School, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah (1983)

M.B.A., Thunderbird School of Global Management, Glendale, Arizona (1980)

M.Ed., David O. McKay School of Education, Brigham Young University (1978)

B.S., Psychology, with honors, Brigham Young University (1974)