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Our mission is to help empower individuals, families, organizations, and nations to understand, do, be and teach what is truly virtuous well enough to powerfully rise in unison above the world's predatory forces of darkness, vice, corruption, bondage, despair, turmoil and misery.  How do we do this?

As our books and international services help you better understand, do, be and teach what’s best you will become increasingly empowered to discern and make the best life choices and decisions and to thereby produce, preserve or restore the greatest true enlightenment, virtue, integrity, liberty, hope, peace and joy within yourselves, your families and society.


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Author Credentials


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Our Tracemarks


●  Do You Wish to Make a Financial Contribution to This Work?

We invite official sponsorship and other financial support of our work.  Contact us to make electronic payment arrangements or simply send your check or money order to Human Progress L.C., Post Office Box 686, Farmington, Utah 84025 USA.  Tell us what promotional or other gratuity we might offer to you in appreciation.  We may be willing to give a complimentary speech, send complimentary books, or to train or coach for free.

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