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1.  Inside the "My Message" box above you are welcome to submit your own comments or questions about human character or human virtue.  You are welcome to tell us how well our tools have helped you improve your character and your life.  You are welcome to ask for our input on a human character problem or concern.  You are welcome to submit your own input in response to someone else's posted comment or question.

2.  We will post on our website reasonable, relevant and respectful comments and questions of our choosing.  Respectful discourse, dialogue and debate are encouraged.  Whether or not we choose to post your comment or question, we may choose to send a reply to your submitted email address.  We may ask you to confirm your submitted email address.

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5.  We may choose to post our own reply to someone's comment or question.  If questions are frequent enough, we may transfer them to Frequently Asked Questions under Public Forum.