Frequently Asked Questions


●  How important is this work?

Our well-being is and will remain inseparably connected to how well we understand, do, be and teach one another what is truly virtuous.  Inasmuch as you are working to build a more enlightened and virtuous character within you, then you are building and can continue to build a better you, a better family, a better organization and a better nation.  The same is true for everyone else who wants to be a blessing instead of a burden to themselves and to others.



●  Why do you use a golden apple for the front design image on your books?

"A word fitly spoken [or written] is like apples of gold. . ." (Proverbs 25:11).  Our golden apple of light represents human virtue.  Each of the books in our trilogy contains its own unique dictionary of human characteristics.  Human characteristics are the fruits of human character. The fruits of human character are the human character consequences of all human thoughts, beliefs and values.  The Language of Human Character contains essentially all of the human character consequences of all human thoughts, beliefs and values A to Z.  From this and our other two books we hope people will choose virtue.


●  Are you asking too much of me to really study and work at this?

If you are and wish to remain dishonest, lazy or unrepentant, then yes.  If you do not care about getting or sharing what's truly best in life for you, your family or society, then yes.  If you are already spending a lot of focus, effort, time or money to honestly fulfill your passion to get and share what's truly best in life, then no.  We know of nothing that can better empower you to get and share what's truly best in life than the daily study and practice of becoming more enlightened and virtuous.


●  Where did you get your dictionary definitions?

Short Answer:  From a great variety of sources.  Long Answer:  See the section entitled "Definition Sources" in Chapter Nine in any of the books in our trilogy.


●  Are you saying each of the dictionary definitions in your books is a statement of what I must think, believe or value as part of your agenda?

This is a big NO!  Read and think about the section entitled "A Word of Caution" in Chapter Five in any of the books in our trilogy.


●  Does your approach really work?

This is a big YES!  Let words of truth and virtue pass through your mind into your words and actions on a daily basis (consistently use our books as prescribed) and you will personally experience greater true enlightenment, virtue, integrity, liberty, hope, peace and joy in you, your family and society over time.  You will also experience less darkness, vice, corruption, bondage, despair, turmoil and misery in you, your family and society over time. 


●  How can I prove for myself your approach works?

The best laboratories for discovering and improving who you are lie within your own mind and heart, and nowhere else.  That will not change.  We hope you will test and prove our books for yourself.  We have prepared them to help you do that.  Spend enough time each day studying and pondering our work.       Consistently, earnestly and honestly apply the good things you learn.  Then see what happens.   Then tell us how well the approach works for you.


●  How can I know a definition of a human characteristic is true?

Experiment for yourself and you will know for yourself!  You can test and know for yourself the true meaning and value of any and every human characteristic in our language by using the tools found in the Textbook, Workbook and Reference Book sections of any of the books in our trilogy.  Pay close attention to Chapter Five and to Chapter Ten in any of the three books.


●  Why do you use allegories in your work?

An allegory can be a symbolic story of words or actions that can help you personally discover truth and virtue for what they are, if you work at it.  In other words, allegories, apologues, fables and parables are all stories that ask their audience whether certain abstract, analogous, comparative, figurative, implicative, suggestive or symbolic words or actions represent truth, and its real consequences.  Such stories invite each reader, listener or observer to discern for themselves the true meaning and value of what is portrayed, presented or proposed.  That is exactly what we invite you to do with our books.